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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Romney's Sissy Walk

Why has there been so little talk about Mitt Romney's bizarre walk? He takes little-bitty strides of a very unnatural sort for a man of his height. That is obvious even when he is shown in isolation. But I recently saw Romney and Ryan walking side-by-side. They traversed the same distance, side-by-side. But Ryan walked with normal, relaxed, manful strides. Romney struggled to keep up, with little-girl steps barely more than half as long and almost twice as frequent as Ryan's. Why is that?
It is extremely commonplace for very goodlooking men to be drawn to other very goodlooking men. Is Romney gay?
Most very goodlooking men drawn to very goodlooking men are not, however, effeminate. Romney's manner, apart from his sissy walk, is not overtly fem. But his grotesquely inappropriate sissy walk has to make you wonder what is going on inside that pretty, but mainly empty, head.
Perhaps like many men tempted toward homosexuality, Romney is adamant about keeping laws (such as DOMA, the so-called "Defense Of [heterosexual] Marriage Act") in place to keep them on the "straight" and narrow. But why would he think that a man attracted to men has to walk like a woman in stiletto heels?
(This is copied from my political blog, The Expansionist.)

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