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Monday, October 15, 2012


Faggoty 'Gay' Characters on Current TV Comedies

Why does almost every TV show that has gay characters present gay men as faggots, fruits, and nelly, simpering, disgusting non-men? It's as tho the people in Hollywood have never met so much as one gay man, whereas Hollywood, and the entertainment industry in general, is filled with gay men. So why the hideous, disrespectful misrepresentation of gay men as would-be women?
If there is one gay character in a sitcom, he is almost always represented as a he-she. If there are two, involved, one is normally masculine, but the other is a fruit, so that there is a pseudo-heterosexual couple, one "the" man and the other the "woman". Disgusting. The reality is that normal gay men want a normal gay man, not an imitation woman. Which makes all the sadder the self-despising, gender-confused losers who swish and sway their way thru life, because they consign themselves to a life of loneliness in which no man they are drawn to will have anything to do with them.
It is as if every second black character on television were represented as a Stepin Fetchit stereotype, shuffling and jiving thru life, speaking in the laziest of stereotypical black accents, Ebonics on heroin.
All the current TV shows with gay characters are grotesquely offensive, even the "Cam" character on Modern Family, who is at least multifaceted and has his normal and masculine moments, as when he confronted and threatened with a beat-down some straight guy who tried to bully "Mitchell" at a gas pump. All these shows must be fixed to correct the offense, or the faggoty characters removed.
Maybe straight writers can write straight characters. The current crop of writers on Partners, The New Normal, and the loathsome Happy Endings — in which a supposed gay man spends ALL his time with straight people — sure can't write gay characters. If you can't do it right, don't even try. It is better for gay men to be absent from television entirely than to be represented as psychologically castrated fruits or maladjusted homos who can't stand to spend any time with their own kind.

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