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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lies about 'Chaz'. Media have got to stop calling Chastity Bono a "man", and stop giving publicity to her madness. David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel both, in recent days, have had that lunatic on their shows and referred to her as "him". They should be corrected, and told that what they are doing is contributing to gender confusion in more people, gender confusion that could also result in their sexual mutilation — and that is a crime against humanity.
I left the following comment after an online story about Jimmy Kimmel's asking Chastity about a penis transplant (not presently possible, thank goodness).
Chastity Bono is a woman, period. She isn't an intersex, chromosomally, but all-woman. Every single cell of her body has the XX chromosomal configuration that makes a person female, and there is no surgical mutilation that can change that. She is an enemy of the WORLD, promoting sexual confusion as a positive good. NO court should be allowed to recognize a woman as a man. No court has any justification for issuing any papers to "recognize" her as a man. Laws must be put in place to ban such craziness, and to forbid "sex-change" surgery on pain of death to the lunatic who asks for it, and to every member of the surgical staff that commits that crime against humanity. We would have executed "Dr." Josef Mengele if we had managed to capture him. We should as well execute every medical practitioner who commits these modern-day atrocities. Media have got to stop lying, and stop participating in the Castration Conspiracy against gay men, and Mutilation Conspiracy against lesbians. Calling a woman a man is an insult, to the woman, to society, to sanity. It's got to stop.
Chastity Bono is an evil, evil woman who should be executed for promoting surgical mutilation of gender-confused people.

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