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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hideous ABC 'Comedy', Happy Endings. ABC is running a truly awful sitcom that includes among the main characters a 'straight-acting' gay man who spends ALL his time with straight people. He goes to their houses (apartments, supposedly in Manhattan) and to straight bars and restaurants with them. He spends NO time with other gay men, tho he refers occasionally to having spent the nite before with another man. How? Where did he meet that other man? When? He spends all his time with straight people.
He is a token gay person who acts straight and tolerates being surrounded, 24 hours a day, by straight people. He even has a straight roommate. So here we have, again, the ever-popular ploy of dividing gay men in two. It's alrite to be gay as long as that doesn't entail sex between men, and gay men behave like straight people, completely immersing themselves in the straight culture at all times. I say "No thanks" to that, and no thanks to that hideous sit"com", which is rarely to never funny even on its own, deformed terms.
I have given it a more than fair chance, having watched it several times, tho I have had to turn it off mid-episode at least twice. When, in last nite's episode, the white woman married to (living with?) the black guy throws a bag of straight-from-the-restaurant Chinese food into the trash so she can drag him out on the town, I turned that repulsive show off in a rage for the last time. NO ONE ON EARTH would do such a wastrel, selfish, disgusting thing as throw away perfectly good restaurant food rather than simply put it into the frij, not in this economy, not on a starving planet. That act is a perfect example of the self-absorbed, mindless, banal evil of that loathsome show, and I have no desire whatsoever to have ANY of those people in my house, not in person, not on television. As for the 'gay' character, get a life — a GAY life, not an imitation-straight life.

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