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Monday, April 11, 2011

Lowering the Age at Which the Castration Conspiracy Attacks. The Parent Dish website printed an article, hilited on a Welcome screen on AOL, about British doctors giving children as young as 12 drugs to hold off puberty for children who are confused about gender. I was livid, so read thru the comments after it, then added three of my own.

That is a profoundly ignorant and intolerant remark [that in that person's day, people suppressed homosexual tendencies and got married, and everyone was better off for it]. Gay men were oppressed for centuries by the suggestion that "man" means "heterosexual, attracted to women", whereas it just means having an XY chromosomal constitution, which implies nothing about sexual orientation. People may experiment, but unless there are powerful forces interfering with their choice, they will all, at maturity, choose gay or straight. It is only the insistence that male = heterosexual that causes some sad gay kids to be confused: "I'm drawn to boys, so I must be a girl." Then the Castration Conspiracy arrives and pushes them to pretend that they are "a woman trapped in a man's body", which is of course completely insane. Alas, large parts of society have been persuaded by organized lunatics to accept that insanity as sane, then push sexually confused people to mutilate themselves horribly and irreversibly. But sane people could not be persuaded that a woman could be trapped in a man's body if society were not so utterly unwilling to accept that a fully normal and properly functioning man can be totally and intensely oriented to men sexually, esthetically, and emotionally. We need to save people from the hideous physical assault that is "sex-change" surgery, by accepting the normality of homosexuality. "Normal" does not mean "majority". Castrating a gender-confused gay boy is a crime against humanity, Mengele medicine.
There is no such thing as a natural born "tranny". There is no such thing as a "transsexual" at all, tho there are a few people born as intersexes or with ambiguous genitalia. In most cases, once actual, chromosomal gender is established, surgery can successfully repair developmental accidents and give a person a reasonable facsimile of the appropriate genitalia. That is not what is meant by "transsexual". Rather, people who are confused about gender are not helped to find their true selves (their biological gender) but instead pushed by a very real conspiracy of crazy people in the nonexistent "LGBT community" (the four groups HATE each other, and do not hang out together) to be surgically mutilated, then lie to the world and trick unsuspecting people into homosexual or lesbian relationships they would never willingly have engaged in. This is all a crime against humanity, and is all arisen from the preposterous notion that all normal people are heterosexual. The "doctors" involved in behavior such as described above, and in nonexistent "sex-change" operations (you can't change a person's gender unless you can change every single cell's chromosomal makeup, which is impossible) are guilty of crimes against humanity. Their offending hand should be amputated, and it should be unlawful to replace it with a prosthesis. Mutilating people in so hideous and irreversible [a] way is Frankensteinian, even Nazistic. It is not an act of kindness, and is CERTAINLY not an act of understanding.
"Howard" needs to mind his own business, and not speculate about the sex acts of other people. Gay men do not tell straight men that heterosexual activity is disgusting and intended ONLY for reproduction, and has not even been necessary for reproduction since the arrival of the age of the test-tube baby. If homosexuality were not normal, it could not happen. "God", in His infinite wisdom, would have made the parts fit only one way, just as man made polarized electric plugs fit only one way. In this time of horrendous overpopulation, when nearly 15 million people, mostly children, die of starvation, heterosexuality is something we should be MOST actively discouraging, and homosexuality is something we should most definitely be encouraging. Instead, straight people have to OUTLAW it because the drive is so powerful that if NOT outlawed, a very large portion of all men would be having sex with men and not bothering with all the drama and frustration of dealing with women, whom they will not ever understand.

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