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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oprah, Gay Enemy. Oprah Winfrey hasn't a clue when it comes to gay issues. She recently implicitly praised a teenage boy who murdered a gay man he claimed was molesting him. In the very short time I watched before turning off in a rage, he admitted to having been approached on more than one occasion, but kept going back to be physically close to the man he claimed was molesting him — and then he murdered him, with, tellingly, a phallic symbol, a knife. People who genuinely feel molested, violated, do not go back for more. The kid had a very serious problem with his own homosexual feelings, and deliberately put himself into compromising situations, then fake-indignantly murdered the man who (correctly) took the kid's returning to physical nearness as a sign he wanted physical intimacy. That evil teenager should be killed, not praised.
But Oprah Winfrey is a stupid woman who understands nothing about homosexuality. She has actively encouraged people who have gender-identity issues to have themselves surgically mutilated and parade their new, hideously fake bodies to the world as that of the opposite sex. Oprah Winfrey is an active conniver in the Castration Conspiracy that destroys fragile young men. Somebody prominent has got to call her on it and make her not just stop, but apologize, admit she was 100% wrong, and urge boys with gender-identity problems derived from their attraction to other boys to seek psychological, not medical help, to help them adjust happily to their true nature, homosexual, rather than indulge their antihomosexual delusions in irreversible, monstrous, Frankensteinian surgery — which should be illegal under pain of death. Any surgeon who castrates a gender-confused young man should have both his hands chopped off, so he bleeds to death into containers from which the blood could be transferred to a blood bank for transfusion into decent people. His (or her) body should then immediately be chopped up for parts for decent people, and the rest burned and the ashes dumped anonymously into a national forest where it will do some good in the world, and no one will know to find them.
There is no such thing as "sex-change" surgery, just inhuman mutilation by quacks who need to die for crimes against humanity. People like Oprah Winfrey, who encourage gender confusion and castration, should be forced to watch the execution of such quacks, and warned that if they do not stop their co-conspiracy in such crimes, they will be next.

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