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Friday, July 30, 2010

A local website in a near-in suburb of my city, Newark, NJ, instituted a column by a Jewish lesbian that irritated me, so I left the following comment.
Lesbians are not "gay". They are not men, supposedly are not attracted to men, and do not speak for gay men. The idea that gay men and lesbians "belong together" is as sensible as that Japanese and Congolese "belong together" because they're both "nonwhite". The people of Tokyo and Kinshasa do not see themselves as "nonwhite", and would be puzzled as to why anyone would think that "nonwhite" means something.
What matters is what one IS, not what one is NOT.
How dare Ms. Goldstein write "So, is the non-issue of family makeup good enough to keep the gays skipping to town" and "What you are NOT going to find are rainbow stickers ... welcoming the Dorothy Dollar." Such antihomosexual crap reveals her contempt for the manhood of gay men. Everyone has got to stop trying to impose effeminacy upon gay men, some of whom are hypermasculine.
"Lesbians" have their own word. They should leave ours, "gay", alone. As for two lesbians making money off gay men to provide a place where men will be surrounded by women, the men who attend a lesbian-dominated get-together should arrange with each other, while there ONCE, to meet at some congenial straight place, where any women present will, like them, be attracted to men.
The recent police murder of a gay man in Branch Brook Park demonstrates that Greater Newark needs safe gay places - not "lesbian", not mixed, not pseudo-heterosexual. What Greater Newark does not need is more places where men and women are pushed at each other.
My original comment was longer, but that site permits only 1,500 characters per comment, so I cut it back.

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