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Thursday, July 29, 2010

I left the following comment today at a story on AOL about a Brazilian cross-dressing model who is preparing to have himself castrated:
There is a CASTRATION CONSPIRACY loose in the world that works to confuse gay men about their gender and then hideously mutilate them, with "sex-change surgery" that Josef Mengele would be proud to perform. Everyone who argues that "gender and sex" are different things is INSANE. They should be institutionalized in a mental institution, and subjected to electroshock therapy or anything else that might zap them out of madness. Anyone who participates in the CASTRATION CONSPIRACY is guilty of a crime against humanity, for which they should be severely punished, up to and including DEATH. It is not sympathetic but monstrously criminal to pretend that we can change gender at will -- I suppose we can also change species at will -- just by slashing off genitals and pumping someone full of hormones that might induce CANCER. I am endlessly appalled at the STUPIDITY of so much of the human race. That people who are conspiring to make a man hate himself and have himself unalterably and appallingly mutilated actually think they are being humane is a testament to the abysmal stupidity of the human race. The Castration Conspirators should be subjected to exactly what they advocate: grotesque, irreversible surgical and chemical mutilation -- except that they should be marked with a tattoo in the middle of the forehead showing what gender they actually are, with, for instance, the arrow of the male symbol severed and the arrowhead fallen. Legislators and judges who co-conspire in this massive crime against humanity should be EXECUTED, after a new Nuremberg trial for sexual crimes against humanity. And good riddance to bad rubbish.
It was maddening to read thru the various comments by loons who actually think it is kind to castrate confused young men. Some of the commenters insisted on speaking to extraneous side issues, such as people who are born with ambiguous genitalia, which did not in any way apply to that confused young man, who was, genitally, a perfectly normal man. They also willfully gave the impression that we leave people with ambiguous genitalia in that odious condition, whereas best medical practices invariably alter ambiguous genitalia to look normal. The pretense was also asserted that intersexes are commonplace — they are not, but rare — and in every other way normal, whereas many are RETARDED (much like the 'people' — i.e., subhuman, antihuman scum — who advocate castration on demand).
This country has made tolerance, ordinarily a virtue, into a vice, by tolerating the intolerable. It really is not that difficult to tell the difference between sense and nonsense, or sanity and insanity. Most of the world recognizes the same things to be insane, and always has. The idea that a man can become a woman just by a few slashes of a scalpel is one of the most insane notions that has ever been given more than three seconds' consideration. All "doctors" and "nurses" who participate in "sex-change" operations should be executed by amputation of both hands and being made to bleed to death. Hoist them by their ankles to drain, then cut them up for parts for decent, sane people. We desperately need transplantable organs. Harvest such organs from our own, latter-day Josef Mengeles.

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