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Friday, February 19, 2010

TV Personalities Who Need To Be Punished. Tyra Banks yesterday praised a transvestite model (posing as a woman, modeling women's clothes) as a credit to the gay-lesbian-transgendered community. Tyra Banks needs to be punished. If she is promoting castration of gender-confused gay men, she needs to be imprisoned or flogged.
When I turned the Tyra Show off, in a rage, I found that at the exact same time, Dr. Mehmet Oz was promoting gender confusion on his show. A stupid, evil woman is shown with her little boy, dressed in girls' clothing, whom the mother calls "her" and permits to be called a "girl". She too needs to be punished.
A teenaged girl is then introduced to the audience as "Isaac", whose parents permitted her to have a double mastectomy and undergo treatment with male-hormone therapy — at age 17! The parents should be executed, and the insane child should be compelled to accept her reality. If she cannot, she should be put into a mental institution, where her actual sex is known to everyone. And if the costs of taking care of this monstrosity get too high, she should be told plainly:
You are NOT a boy/man. You are a girl/woman. If you can't accept that reality, you will be confined to this mental institution for life. If you cannot adjust happily to reality, feel free to commit suicide any time you want. Here is a supply of pills that can end your misery. There's a glass of water on the nitestand.
A vile, monstrous quack in Dr. Oz's audience advocated grotesque mutilation of gender-confused children as early as age 16. He dares to talk about the safety of a child as being paramount. Safety! The child is mutilated by "medicine". That is not keeping the child "safe"! That "doctor" should immediately be stricken from the rolls of doctors and refused permission to practice medicine. If he has actually committed sexual mutilation of children, he should then be executed, publicly.
All these adults need to be stripped naked, tied to a post, and flogged. The insane children need to be forced to accept reality, and told very plainly that believing yourself to be something you are not is the very definition of madness.
I was so livid that I sent this message to the Dr. Oz show by feedback form at its website:
Re "Transgendered" Children

What kind of quackery are you pushing? You are actually telling the world that it is a good thing to accept madness and mutilate people's body to conform their appearance to their delusions, to the point of double mastectomy of an insane female child who wishes she were a boy! Josef Mengele would be very proud of you.

Surgical mutilation makes a person the opposite sex, does it? Well, how about if we castrate you, chop out your Adam's apple, pump you full of female hormones, and change your name? Will that make you a woman?

What will mad "medicine" come up with next? If a schizophrenic hears voices, doctors should tell the world that there really are people inside his head, and the messages have to be accepted as valid? If a 6'4" American man thinks he's Napoleon, chop out the middle of his thighs to shorten him, teach him French, change his name legally, dress him in period costume, and tell the whole world that he "is" Napoleon?

Madness is madness, and telling the world that an obvious delusion is reality is a crime against sanity and society, not just against the sad, tragic lunatic. You actually allowed some monster "doctor" in the audience to talk about committing double mastectomy against a child as keeping her "safe"! How is committing a horrible crime of irreversible mutilation keeping a child "safe"?

You should be ashamed of yourself. You are PROMOTING sexual mutilation and entrapping unsuspecting third persons in same-sex emotional and sexual relationships without their knowledge. You are an enemy of society. Your license to practice medicine should be revoked, your TV show driven off the air. You are a danger to society, an enemy of sanity, an enemy of troubled children. Children have an identity problem? Your solution: Just chop off what causes them problems and parade them as something they're not.

Crazy people cannot consent to anything, because sanity is a legal precondition to consent. So all these mutilating surgeries are violent crimes against the insane. Real doctors are commanded, "First, do no harm."

Plainly we cannot permit "doctors" who accept lunacy as valid and good, to set policy on "transgendered" people. Society needs to outlaw all treatments that validate madness and promote physical mutilation of the insane, on pain of DEATH.

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