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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Gay or Straight Matters. I left this comment today at "Ramon [Johnson]'s Gay Life Blog", about a post concerning Johnny Weir, U.S. championship figure skater who refuses to come clean about his sexual orientation. The original post is from January 12th, but it was linked to, indirectly, from a FanHouse.com article yesterday, so is not pointless. (CAPS are for emphasis; not all online Comments areas permit HTML coding, so rather than risk italics or boldface codes appearing onscreen, I just used caps.)
There are gay kids who commit SUICIDE because they are convinced they are alone in the world and always will be, because COWARDS in public life refuse to come out publicly. If Weir is gay, it is NOT his own business but EVERYBODY’S business. And if Weir doesn’t accept his manhood but grew up thinking that “gay” means “feminine”, then he needs to FIX HIS ATTITUDE and find his manhood as a homosexual man. “Too gay” means EFFEMINATE, not masculine. Gay men are drawn to masculinity, so taking on an artificial ‘feminine’ persona dooms the effeminate to unhappiness. No straight celebrity has ever denied being straight [nor, I might add now, refused to deny being gay]. Ergo, Weir is gay (I avoid the convenient but oppressive rhyming Q-word). Gay boys and men all around the Nation, and world, need to know that, need to be able to point to someone and say, “Look — he’s the best in the Nation, and he’s gay, like me.”
Oh, and I used my real name.

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